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Training Services

ISL Training Services

ISL offers a variety of standard and bespoke training courses.

From system familiarisation through step-by-step instruction for key functional areas, to detailed configuration and administration training – whatever training you decide your users need, we have a training programme that will be a perfect fit.

Familiarisation Breeds Content

The first thing we’ll always show you is how the Achiever software works. This gives you an immediate understanding of the concepts and capabilities of the standard product and knowledge that you can then use to get the most from the system.

Whether you’re going to use the system as is, or plan to configure it to meet a specific need, this training introduces you to the power of Achiever.

Determining what the gaps are between the standard product and what your ultimate objectives are for the system will help to define your Achiever journey, and allow us to work with you to plan the system’s evolution.


Once we’ve configured your system for you, we’ll show you what we’ve done. This will help you to formulate a testing strategy. We have lots of experience in testing our software, so we’ll share this knowledge with you as well, ensuring that when you test it yourselves, we’ve given you all the information you need to ensure the system meets its objectives.

Putting You in the Driver’s Seat

We have a series of System Administration courses which we can deliver to your more technical users, which can ultimately arm them with the tools and knowledge they need to be able to amend and evolve the system for you.

Achiever products are designed to allow users to make configuration changes themselves, thereby removing the need for ISL intervention to enhance and amend the system.

The different levels of Administration training can determine just how much of that evolution you handle yourselves, or how much you want to leave to us to manage for you.

In all cases, we’ll be on hand to assist with management of change, issue resolution and general maintenance questions, so all eventualities are covered.

Our Services

Quick Start

Hit the ground running by combining our ‘out of the box’ solution with an initial training and data migration services ...

Tailored Deployment

Working your way – best practice standard functionality specifically configured to meet your own operating procedures.

Training Services

Level-up with a tailored training package to empower your users whilst enhancing and evolving your ISL solution.
We help you to unlock & unleash the power within.