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Come and discuss the latest developments and challenges in biosample management at the 'SMI Group 9th Annual Biobanking' event on 25 - 26 September in London

Responsibilities and Benefits of Lab Compliance

Responsibilities and Benefits of Lab Compliance

Laboratories, Biobanks and other biological sample repositories have to comply with a number of legal and industry controls. These are often seen as a burden. However, if you carefully consider the responsibilities and benefits of lab compliance then the advantages can far outweigh the effort.

Compliance involves you having the required policies and procedures to ensure adherence to the law.

However, recognising that these initiatives are designed to drive quality and improve lab operations, you can change your approach to compliance. As a result, you focus on gaining optimum benefits from compliance rather than seeing it simply as a tick in the box exercise.  Find out more on how you can embrace compliance 

Laboratory Information and Sample Management – Our 7-Step Guide to Data Migration

Medical Data Spreadsheets

If you have taken the decision to purchase a new Laboratory Sample Management system one of your first thoughts may be ‘what am I going to do with all of our existing data?’.

If you are considering a new system, the thought of migrating your existing data may actually be stopping you from even looking at potential solutions.

Our 7-step guide to migrating data when implementing Laboratory Sample Management software has been designed by our experienced implementation team to help you and your team plan, prepare and navigate through this intricate task.  Download your free guide today. 


Revolutionise the Way You Work

Academic Research & Discovery

Comprehensive Laboratory Sample Lifecycle Management Software with full auditing capability designed to help meet regulatory requirements including Human Tissue Act (HTA) and CFR21 Part 11

Biobanks & Biorepositories

Streamlined Biobank Software supporting and enhancing laboratory processes for Sample Collection, Sample Analysis and Experiments, and Sample Storage combined with comprehensive CRM


Robust, extensible Laboratory Sample Inventory and Process Management Software with Sample traceability, Donor profiling and consent, Clinical Trial and Supplier Relationship management

CRM for Universities

The Achiever Education Solution’s (AES) enhanced CRM capability delivers targeted communications and streamlined Event and Enquiry tracking for improved Student Recruitment and Alumni Management

Training Management

Achiever Training Management Solution’s (ATMS) extensive Course Planning, Scheduling, Delivery and Assessment capability streamlines Course provision and Event management


Enrich relationships, services and engagement through advanced, extensible Customer Relationship Management functionality that can be configured to meet the most complex business requirement

Delivering Best Practice and Enduring Return On Investment

Streamline and simplify processes to realise complex goals

Quick Start

Hit the ground running by combining our out-of-the-box solution with an initial training and data migration services package.  

Tailored Deployment

Working your way – best practice processes specifically configured to meet your own operating procedures.

Training Services

Level-up with a tailored training package to empower your users whilst enhancing and evolving your Achiever solution.

Working Together to Achieve Tangible Benefits

Our proven experience in providing robust software solutions that combine best practice workflows with customer-configured processes results in high levels of satisfaction, system adoption and performance.

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5 key success factors for laboratory compliance

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